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With the Lions of Al-Tawhid.  

A look within the lives and tactics of the antigovernment fighters in Syria. On the NYT.


In and near Aleppo. By the author. Last week, But these are nothing. They’re just a visual notebook. For a far better look, see the slide show by Bryan Denton. Then follow him on Twitter. He’s @bdentonphoto.

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Only one day left at your only chance, ever, to get a copy of João Ruas’s Yore: Expanded Catalog.  

The Yore expanded edition is a 7.75 x 9.75 inch, hardcover volume printed on 148 GSM lustre paper with black endpapers and hand-embellished details. It is accompanied by a tipped-in, signed and stamped print of Small Gorgoneion II printed on 330 GSM hot press cotton rag paper, as well as a numbered micro certificate.

Get yours here.

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